Burn up, burn out, but burn the brightest


Perseid meteor and Milky Way in 2009” by Brocken InagloryOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Sometimes, memories cannot be captured in pictures. But some of them are so strong that, whenever you reminisce, the feelings they generated are recreated so strongly inside your heart that you get taken back instantly to a perfect replica of those moments – bubbles in time where clocks don’t turn, everything lasts forever, your heart perpetually skips the same beat, your smile never fades, and the glimmer in your eyes reflects incessant excitement. To me, this is the best kind of memories. They’re so complex, meaningful, and intimate – only I know them, only I can relive them.

For a very long time I’ve been yearning to witness the beauty of the Perseid meteors at the beginning of August. But, somehow, every year around that time I always managed to be in places where star-gazing was impossible. This year, however, I’ve been blessed. Not only am I here, in this lovely place, surrounded by such diverse and amazing peers and such inspiring lecturers, but also it happened to be during this period of the month. It happened that there aren’t lights around the large sports fields. It happened that last night, the peak of the meteor shower, the sky wasn’t cloudy. It happened that we had no moon these nights. It happened that the first shooting star I saw was a big, bright one, which almost cut the sky in half, made my heart stop for a moment, took my breath away, and then immediately made me squeak and giggle like a little kid.

The playfulness of the wind. The smell of the trees. The wetness of the grass on the football field. The shouts of joy coming from the other people, making their way through the beats of my music, slipping into my ears. The fierceness of those small fireballs, blazing through the darkness, shining their brightest. I will borrow some of your valor. I will shine my brightest, despite my tininess, despite the shortness of my life in the grand scheme of things. And from now on, whenever I think of Marktoberdorf, it will forever be raining shooting stars over all the other fond memories I’ve made here ^_^